Welcome to 40 Group Limited.

As a multi-site ecommerce retailer, we sell a huge range of products online, from
gadgets and party supplies to promotional products and clothing.

Gadget Inspector website Hen Stuff website Boozinc website Beer bong website Stag Stuff website Beer Pong website


We sell a wide range of gifts, party accessories, costumes and promotional products through a number of online channels. As a multi-site ecommerce retailer, we are able to tune into a variety of target audiences and offer them high-quality products at a time when they’re primed to make a purchase. The items we sell range from luxury retail products to personalised B2B (business-to-business) products.

Founded in 2012, 40 Group is a relatively new company with big aspirations and the enviable ability to create high-quality ecommerce websites for a range of demographics. If you want to work with us, or simply want to sell your products through our websites, please use the form below to get in touch.


If you have received a credit card or bank statement that lists a transaction with “40 Group”, then it’s likely that you have purchased from one of our online stores.

Please take a look through our websites to see if you recognise any of the sites we own. If you do not and you are concerned then please complete the enquiry form below and provide as much detail as possible, including your order number. One of our customer service agents will look into the matter and respond to your enquiry ASAP.